22 Jan 2009

How many undergraduate inorganic courses does your institution teach regularly?

Submitted by Hilary Eppley, DePauw University


i wasn't sure how to answer actually.  Since we cover inorganic in frosh chem, analytical (baby inorganic for about 1/2 of the course) and then I teach 1/2 courses in organometallics every other year or so.

We cover basic inorganic topics in our first year course, but I am not counting that.

We have a one-semester inorganic course with lab, but the lab is only required for students seeking ACS degrees, so not everyone takes it. We also have an advanced course affectionately known as "Superchem" that usually has a little bit of organometallic chemistry in it. But I voted one class with lab.

First semester is no lab, I like to refer to it as "the semester of size and charge", we spend the majority of the semester talking about acid-base trends, redox trends, maximum coordination numbers, etc.  Second semester gets into coordinations chemistry, symmetry, MO theory, reaction mechanisms, and it has a lab component.

I teach two 2 credit courses neither with a lab.  The first is required for the minor and majors and the other is required for our professional major.  Lab experience is gained through research or independent study.

James G. Goll Associate Professor of Chemistry Chair--Physical Sciences Edgewood College Madison, WI 53711

We offer two semesters of inorganic chemistry:  a sophomore-level descriptive course required of all chemistry majors and minors and an advanced course required of all BS chemistry majors. 

Joanne Smieja Gonzaga University Spokane, WA