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5 Jun 2017

Good MARMing, Hershey!

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I've been on the road since Thursday, doing what VIPErs do best. My first stop was at Franklin & Marshall College to see old friends like Kate Plass and meet some new friends at a mini-workshop on developing literature discussions. It was a pretty intense 40 hours but well worth it. Look out for 10 new learning objects on 5 primary research articles concerning solids & materials and interesting bonding to appear as new content soon, just in time for you to incorporate into your fall inorganic course.
24 Mar 2017

I was looking forward to the ACS meeting until...

Submitted by Flo, Slytherin' State

You may have seen my Tweet about looking forward to the announcment of the most read author of 2016. I really am! Hopefully it will be a friend of VIPEr. And I am really excited about our sessions which will all be held in room 2016 in the Moscone Center. We start off Sunday morning at 9 am with eight talks in the coordination chemistry session. This will be followed at 1:30 by nine talks in the organometallic chemistry session. That wraps up at 4:45 pm and I'll have to slither pretty quickly to Hall D for the poster session from 5:30-7:30 pm.

17 Nov 2016

DIC elections

Submitted by Flo, Slytherin' State

Members of the Division of Inorganic Chemistry (DIC) should have just received an invitation to vote in this year’s Council election. If you’re not already a member of the Division, please consider  joining. This $12 annual membership fee ($14 for non-ACS members) goes to support the excellent Inorganic programming at both National and regional meetings, including the Annual Spring “Undergraduate Research at the Frontiers of Chemistry” symposium. DIC has become a divisional leader in supporting Undergraduate efforts in both teaching and research.

28 Jun 2016

Hail! to the victors valiant

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This is a workshop with IONiC VIPEr. 

-Adam Johnson

You have to imagine this being sssung...loudly (and poorly) to the tune of Captain Jack Sssparrow. Yes, the LC is having some fun at the workshop. But there is also some really incredible work being done. You can check the ssschedule here for the details, but I wanted to give you a little update.

16 Sep 2015

If you have looked over the program for the spring meeting in San Diego, you may have noticed that once again we will be hosting the Undergraduate Research at the Frontiers of Inorganic Chemistry symposium. This will mark the 9th consecutive year of this symposium and we are looking forward to another great series of talks. There is one minor difference this year (or at least the members of the LC think it is different)--the oral sessions are listed as by invitation only.

12 Apr 2015

Thanks to our community

Submitted by Flo, Slytherin' State

While at the ACS meeting in Denver I was simply in awe at just how amazing this community is. The talks were excellent. It is certainly a privilege to have a front row seat, but I do wish Chip Nataro would stop taking me away from my perch during his talks. Our poster sessions were terrific. I wish I could have gotten to all of the posters but Nancy Williams decided it was best I stayed at our poster. But what I found to be really special was our social hour.

12 Mar 2015

Slithering up the Rockies

Submitted by Flo, Slytherin' State

It's hard to believe that we are a little over a week away from the ACS meeting in Denver. As always, VIPEr will be well represented at the meeting. You can get the full details for our technical program from ACS, but I thought it was worth giving you a brief synopsis.

We kick things off Sunday morning with 8 talks on coordination chemistry hosted by Chris Hamaker.


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