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8 Feb 2015

What's LO?

Submitted by Flo, Slytherin' State

A ligand orbital? Lorillard Inc. on the NYSE? Some new element that a bunch of scientists made 5 atoms of that lasted 0.2 microseconds? Well, in the world of VIPEr an LO is a learning object. Great...what's a learning object? Wikipedia defines a learning object as "a collection of content items, practice items, and assessment items that are combined based on a single learning objective".

2 Jan 2015

Insider Info

Submitted by Flo, Slytherin' State

Most of the leadership council of VIPEr is currently in Tampa, Florida. They are having a 'project meeting'. Honestly, I thought that was just an excuse for them to go some place warm, but they really are working. Our host is Jeff Raker at the University of South Florida. Jeff has been helping us analyze the data from the user surveys that you filled out a little while ago. The day started with a coffee stop (first picture). Contrary to popular belief, we are not sponsored by a certain Seattle-based coffee house. Our first morning was spent working on redesigning the site.

6 Jun 2014

A behind the scenes look at VIPEr

Submitted by Flo, Slytherin' State

It's Friday afternoon. In June. Research students are winding down for the week. They are probably wondering how much more they have to do before they can leave for the weekend. And faculty are probably wondering the exact same thing. While I was 'being productive' (aka surfing the web and thinking about things I could be doing but not really wanting to do them), I noticed we hadn't gotten a BITeS post up this week.

15 Apr 2014

New look, same great feature

Submitted by Flo, Slytherin' State

Hopefully you've noticed the fancy new logo for our BITeS feature. I would like to thank my friends Hilary Eppley and Lori Watson for their efforts in the redesign. So far I have really enjoyed reading the various posts that have appeared in BITeS. I'll let you the reader in on a little bit of inside information. When the idea of BITeS was first proposed, it took a bit of convincing to get the full support of the leadership council. So our initial logo was very low tech.

21 Feb 2014

Dallas announcement

Submitted by Flo, Slytherin' State

Howdy y'all. Flo here. I am busy getting all set for the upcoming ACS meeting in Dallas. During the meeting we will be celebrating that most evil of holidays, St. Patrick's Day. Celebrating the person that drove my ancestors from Ireland just sends shivers down my spine (a very serious thing for a snake). So while you partake in a day of revelry, I will be holding a quiet vigil in honor of all things serpentine.

31 Jan 2014


Submitted by Flo, Slytherin' State

Greetingssssss everyone. Flo here. Welcome to a new feature of VIPEr -- VIPEr BITeS (Blogging Inorganic Teaching & Scholarship). VIPEr BITeS will be a venue for longer posts on a broad spectrum of topics.


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