Submitted by Kyle Grice / DePaul University on Mon, 12/14/2020 - 13:18
My Notes

These are two "Livescribe Pencasts" I have used for inorganic chemistry. I made them with an Echo 2 Livescribe pen for my 10-week Junior/Senior Inorganic chemistry course. We teach with MFT and I use these as supplemental materials outside of class (both for f2f and online versions of this class).

How to use: Students download these Pencasts as their native PDF and upload the to the webplayer ( to play them. Students can play them as many times as they like and rewind/fast-forward as well as speed up/slow down the voice and writing. There is no cost to the students or need to download any specific software, and once you make them, you export them from the pen and upload them to your course management system. You can also reuse ones you've made in previous years!

Please use them as supplementary info if you want, or perhaps they will inspire you to make your own Pencasts!

How to make your own: You will need a Livescribe pen and their notebooks (the Echo 2 model has worked well for me for years). The cost was less than $200 and there is no further costs after the fact (unless the pen breaks or you run out of notebooks). Livescribe does have more expensive models with more bells and whistles. 

I have several more on different topics, these two just filled the attachment file size limit (the files are large because of the audio and animation). 

Learning Goals

Students will be able to do problems similar to those shown in the Pencasts. (I often make similar exam problems to my Pencasts) 

-Be able to use group theory and symmetry to determine the number of molecular vibrations and if they are IR-active


Equipment needs

A computer and internet connection. 

Implementation Notes

These can be uploaded to a Learning Management System (we use D2L). Be sure not to save them as a different file format. They need to be "Livescribe PDFs" to work. 

Time Required
5-15 min each, depending on the Pencast
Creative Commons License
Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike CC BY-NC-SA