Submitted by Tom Clayton / Knox College on Thu, 03/19/2020 - 11:58

I'm looking for reccomendations for affordable and versatile web cams that would capture verything from written text on a whiteboard to color and phase changes in an Ehrlenmeyer flask.  Suggestions for products that have worked for you would be very much appreciated as I gear up fast for an entire online Inorganic Chemistry experience.   Thanks! 

Anthony L. Fernandez / Merrimack College

Tom, I have two Logitech web cams (C270 and QuickCam Pro 9000) and they have been great. They are not very cheap but are both under $100. The cheaper ones are not as good in terms of their video quality.

I have also had luck just using my camera on my iPhone. You would then just have to get a tripod to hold it.

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Tom Clayton / Knox College

Thanks, Anthony.  Just ordered a tripod and phone mount to use with a loaner Logitech camera.  You helped bring my search to a quick conclusion!

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