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The relevance of Transition Metal-Carbon Bonds in Biology and Chemistry Lab Experiment Emilly Obuya, Russell Sage College 0 07/15/2014
Application of MO Diagrams (and sp mixing) with Photoelectron Spectroscopy In-Class Activity Abigail Hobbs Shelton, University of TN at Martin 0 07/15/2014
Cadmium Carbonic Anhydrase (CdCA): Sustaining Life Using a Toxic Metal Ion Five Slides About Peter Craig, McDaniel College 0 07/15/2014
Soluble Methane Monooxgenase Spectroscopy In-Class Activity Gerard Rowe, University of South Carolina Aiken 1 07/15/2014
The Japan syndrome Literature Discussion Carmen Gauthier, Florida Southern College 0 07/14/2014
The Aconitase Enzyme Mechanism In-Class Activity Laurel Goj Habgood, Rollins College 0 07/14/2014
The Structure and Color of Alums In-Class Activity Erica Gunn, Simmons College 0 07/14/2014
Nitrogenase primary literature Literature Discussion Adam R. Johnson, Harvey Mudd College 3 07/14/2014
Professional Ethics In-Class Activity Lori Watson, Earlham College 5 07/14/2014
The Synthesis and Characterization of a trans-Dioxorhenium(V) Complex Lab Experiment Sibrina Collins, The Charles H. Wright of Museum of African American History 0 07/14/2014
How to Read an Inorganic Paper for Synthesis Information Literature Discussion Hilary Eppley, DePauw University 3 07/14/2014
Exposure to Computational Chemistry: Reinforcing Concepts in Inorganic Chemistry In-Class Activity Christine Thomas, Brandeis University 2 07/14/2014
Inorganic Spectroscopy Introduced Using an Interactive PhET Simulation (Part 2) In-Class Activity Alycia Palmer, The Ohio State University 0 07/14/2014
Coordination Diversity and Biological Activity of a Monodentate Au(III) Compound In-Class Activity Sibrina Collins, The Charles H. Wright of Museum of African American History 0 07/10/2014
Practical MCD Tutorial- How to collect MCD Data- Lehnert Lab Web Resources and Apps Sheila Smith, University of Michigan- Dearborn 0 07/10/2014
Live from Newport, RI Blog entry Chip Nataro, Lafayette College 1 07/09/2014
Hard Soft Acid Base Theory - Coordination Trends in Alkali Metal Crown Ether Uranyl Halide Complexes: The Series [A(Crown)]2[UO2X4] Where A = Li, Na, K, and X = Cl, Br Literature Discussion Gerard Rowe, University of South Carolina Aiken 0 07/01/2014
Creative Commons and YOU Blog entry Adam R. Johnson, Harvey Mudd College 0 06/26/2014
Summer WebMO fun! Blog entry Lori Watson, Earlham College 1 06/26/2014
Learning Objects used at the 2014 VIPEr Workshop on Bioinorganic Chemistry Collection Elizabeth Jamieson, Smith College 0 06/25/2014


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