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Five Slides about Tanabe-Sugano Diagrams Five Slides About Sabrina G. Sobel, Hofstra University 0 03/08/2014
Remembering where my students are Blog entry Barbara Reisner, James Madison University 0 03/08/2014
Inorganic Chemistry Just Makes You Want to Sing! In-Class Activity Maggie Geselbracht, Reed College 7 03/07/2014
Bercaw vs Bergman Literature Discussion Adam R. Johnson, Harvey Mudd College 4 03/06/2014
Crystallography (in English) & Evaluating Crystal Structures Web Resources and Apps Barbara Reisner, James Madison University 1 03/05/2014
Orbital Overlap Worksheet In-Class Activity Vanessa McCaffrey, Albion College 0 03/04/2014
A Game with Orbital Cutouts Blog entry Nancy Scott Burke Williams, Scripps College, Pitzer College, Claremont McKenna College 1 03/03/2014
Dallas announcement Blog entry Flo, Slytherin' State 0 02/21/2014
Speed-Dating, Chemistry Style: HSAB Theory In-Class Activity Patrick Holland, Yale University 2 02/20/2014
Teaching Tanabe-Sugano Diagrams In-Class Activity Sheila Smith, University of Michigan- Dearborn 3 02/07/2014
Molecular Orbital of Transition Metal Complexes In-Class Activity Steven Neshyba, University of Puget Sound 0 02/05/2014
VIPEr Bioinorganic Chemistry Workshop: Application Review Begins Monday, so Register Now! Blog entry Hilary Eppley, DePauw University 0 02/05/2014
See you at BCCE! Blog entry Joanne Stewart, Hope College 0 02/03/2014
VIPEr BITeS Blog entry Flo, Slytherin' State 0 01/31/2014
Student choice literature-based take home exam question Literature Discussion Hilary Eppley, DePauw University 0 01/24/2014
Electronic Absorption Spectroscopy of Aquated Transition Metal Ions Lab Experiment Zachary Tonzetich, University of Texas at San Antonio 0 01/23/2014
The Atomic Building In-Class Activity Amandeep Sra, University of Texas at Dallas 0 01/13/2014
Solar-Powered Oxidation of Water Literature Discussion Anne Bentley, Lewis & Clark College 0 01/07/2014
A Schaaking development of colloidal hybrid nanoparticles Literature Discussion Anne Bentley, Lewis & Clark College 1 01/07/2014
Literature summary through student presentation - free choice of topic. Literature Discussion Cameron Gren, University of North Alabama 1 01/07/2014


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