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Concept mapping the primary literature: "Compositionally Tunable Cu2ZnSn(S1-x,Sex)4 nanocrystals" In-Class Activity Benny Chan, The College of New Jersey 0 06/27/2013
Collaborative Team Competition for Identification of Symmetry Operations on (Paper) Models In-Class Activity Sophia E. Hayes, Washington University 0 06/27/2013
Synthesis and Characterization of Magnetic Spinel Nanoparticles Literature Discussion Anne Bentley, Lewis & Clark College 0 06/26/2013
Kool-Aid analysis: Visible Spectroscopy and Paper Chromatography Lab Experiment Megan Strayer, The Pennsylvania State University 0 06/26/2013
Relating local industry to primary literature: The David Sarnoff/RCA Project Literature Discussion Benny Chan, The College of New Jersey 0 06/26/2013
Synthesis and Analysis of the POM Ammonium Decavanadate, (NH4) 6V10O28*6H2O Lab Experiment Sabrina G. Sobel, Hofstra University 2 06/26/2013
Chimera - A Molecular Modeling Program Web Resources and Apps Walter Flomer, St. Andrew's University 0 06/26/2013
Energy Content and Properties of Fuels In-Class Activity Matt Whited, Carleton College 2 06/25/2013
General Chemistry Electronic Study Aids Web Resources and Apps David Kreller, Georgia Southern University 1 06/25/2013
12 Slides About African American Contributions to the Chemical Sciences Five Slides About Sibrina Collins, The Charles H. Wright of Museum of African American History 5 06/25/2013
X-ray absorption spectroscopy and its applications to LFT Five Slides About Karen McFarlane Holman, Willamette University 0 06/25/2013
Chemical Acrostics for Fun and Active Learning In-Class Activity Charles Mebi, Arkansas Tech University 0 06/25/2013
Trends in Measured Redox Potentials and Computed Molecular Orbital Energies of Derivatized Buckminsterfullerenes Lab Experiment Robert Q. Topper, Cooper Union 0 06/25/2013
Using Solid State Chemistry and Crystal Field Theory to Design a New Blue Solid Literature Discussion Barbara Reisner, James Madison University 1 06/24/2013
Lattice Systems Origami In-Class Activity Jeremiah Duncan, Plymouth State University 0 06/24/2013
A DFT Study of Metal Pentacarbonyls In-Class Activity Sibrina Collins, The Charles H. Wright of Museum of African American History 2 06/11/2013
Computational Modeling of a Molybdenum Piano Stool Complex Lab Experiment Nathanael Fackler, Nebraska Wesleyan University 2 06/11/2013
Cyclic voltammetry Five Slides About Chip Nataro, Lafayette College 2 06/11/2013
Lithium Diazenide Surprise! Literature Discussion Maggie Geselbracht, Reed College 0 05/31/2013
[RuH(NO3)(CO)2(PPh3)2]: An analysis of the literature In-Class Activity Chip Nataro, Lafayette College 0 05/16/2013


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