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Database for UV/vis spectra Gerard Rowe, University of South Carolina Aiken 17 02/03/2020
Frankenstein and Marvel Studios' Black Panther Sibrina Nichelle Collins, Lawrence Technological University 1 01/28/2020
Open Education Resources (OER) Jesse Tye, Ball State University 3 01/25/2020
Thermite Born-Haber Cycle and Al2O3 Lattice Energy Maggie Geselbracht, Reed College 15 01/04/2020
Greener and Less Toxic Solvents for an IR Spectroscopy Lab Sheri Lense, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh 1 01/03/2020
CUREs in Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory Kyle Grice, DePaul University 5 01/02/2020
What do you teach about the f-block? Kari Young, Centre College 2 01/02/2020
Production Statistics for Top Industrial Chemicals Joseph Keane, Muhlenberg College 2 10/11/2019
Green Chemistry Abby O'Connor, The College of New Jersey 12 10/10/2019
Molar absorptivity / molar extinction coefficients for inorganic solutions Julia Chamberlain, University of California Davis 5 10/10/2019
Associate/Full Professor of Chemistry at Florida Gulf Coast University Greg McManus, Florida Gulf Coast University 0 10/02/2019
Assistant Professor position at Duquesne University Emily Sylvester, Duquesne University 0 08/28/2019
iPad in teaching? Maggie Geselbracht, Reed College 39 08/15/2019
Best models for lecture demonstration of inorganic isomers? Anne Bentley, Lewis & Clark College 5 08/13/2019
Symmetry planes in C4v molecules Dean H. Johnston, Otterbein University 6 08/01/2019
apparatus for sealing air-sensitive material into an ampoule Cameron Gren, University of North Alabama 3 06/12/2019
Elemental analysis vendor Adam R. Johnson, Harvey Mudd College 4 06/06/2019
cheap O2 removal for glove box Timothy Herzog, Weber State University 2 06/06/2019
Calculations in Chemistry / Cognitive Load Theory Jesse Tye, Ball State University 4 06/04/2019
Inorganic Chemistry A Unified Approach Second Edition by William W. Porterfield Claude Mertzenich, Luther College 2 05/31/2019


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