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Shriver and Atkins: Inorganic Chemistry, 4ed Lori Watson / Earlham College Textbook 2008-03-26
Housecroft and Sharpe: Inorganic Chemistry, 3ed Lori Watson / Earlham College Textbook Atomic Structure and Periodicity, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Electrochemistry, f-block Chemistry, Main Group Chemistry, Molecular Structure and Bonding, Organometallic Chemistry, Solid State and Materials Chemistry, Spectroscopy and Structural Methods Upper Division/Graduate 2008-03-26
Chemical Bonding by Mark I. Winter (Oxford Chemistry Primer #15) Maggie Geselbracht / Reed College Textbook 2008-03-26
Greenwood and Earnshaw, Chemistry of the Elements Adam Johnson / Harvey Mudd College Textbook 2008-03-26
Cotton, Wilkinson, and Gaus: Basic Inorganic Chemistry Joanne Stewart / Hope College Textbook 2008-01-04