Bioinorganic Chemistry

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Titlesort descending Author Type Level Created Favorited/ Adopted
2019 Nobel Prize - Li-ion battery LOs Barbara Reisner, James Madison University Collection First year, Second year, Upper Division 10/9/2019 2 / 0
5 (or 6) Slides about Biophysical Techniques Sheila Smith, University of Michigan- Dearborn Five Slides About Upper Division 7/9/2014 8 / 1
5-ish Slides about Enemark-Feltham Notation Kyle Grice, DePaul University Five Slides About First year, Second year, Upper Division 11/8/2018 0 / 0
A Redox-Activated MRI Contrast Agent that Switches Between Paramagnetic and Diamagnetic States Vivian Ezeh, Clemson University, Department of Chemistry Literature Discussion Upper Division 7/16/2014 6 / 3
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Weiwei Xie, Louisiana State University Syllabus Upper Division 6/9/2019 0 / 0
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Anne Bentley, Lewis & Clark College Syllabus Upper Division 1/10/2018 1 / 0
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Elizabeth Jamieson, Smith College Syllabus Upper Division 6/4/2019 0 / 0
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Course Videos Kathryn Haas, Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, IN Web Resources and Apps Second year, Upper Division 7/1/2015 21 / 1
Antibacterial Reactivity of Ag(I) Cyanoximate Complexes Kari Young, Centre College Lab Experiment Second year, Upper Division 8/22/2015 13 / 7
Bio-Organic Reaction Animations (BioORA) Steven A. Fleming, Temple University Web Resources and Apps Upper Division 10/30/2014 1 / 0
Bioinorganic Chemistry- Metals in Purely Structural Roles Sheila Smith, University of Michigan- Dearborn In-Class Activity Upper Division 10/17/2009 2 / 0
Bioinorganic in Miessler, Tarr and Fisher Adam R. Johnson, Harvey Mudd College Forum topic 7/18/2014 0 / 0
Bioinorganic Introduction: Periodic Table Sheila Smith, University of Michigan- Dearborn In-Class Activity Second year, Upper Division 9/13/2011 2 / 6
Bioinorganic Techniques in a Nutshell Elizabeth Jamieson, Smith College Web Resources and Apps Upper Division 9/8/2009 0 / 0
Biological and medical examples in intro chem at MIT Joanne Stewart, Hope College Web Resources and Apps First year 1/1/2010 1 / 0
Biological Inorganic Chemistry: Structure & Reactivity edited by Bertini, Gray, Stiefel, and Valentine Elizabeth Jamieson, Smith College Textbook Upper Division 7/20/2010 1 / 0
Bonding and MO Theory in Flavodiiron Nitrosyl Model Complexes - Foundation Level James F. Dunne, Central College Literature Discussion First year, Second year 6/22/2018 4 / 0
C&E News as a Starting Point for Bioinorganic Literature Discussions Christopher Bailey, Wells College Literature Discussion Second year, Upper Division 7/28/2014 5 / 1
Cadmium Carbonic Anhydrase (CdCA): Sustaining Life Using a Toxic Metal Ion Peter Craig, McDaniel College Five Slides About Second year 7/15/2014 2 / 0
Characterization and Investigation of a Binuclear Manganese(III)-Peroxo Metastable Intermediate Anthony L. Fernandez, Merrimack College Literature Discussion Upper Division 5/17/2018 4 / 2