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Title Author Type Level Createdsort ascending Favorited/ Adopted
Battery in class activity Sheila Smith, University of Michigan- Dearborn In-Class Activity First year 5/26/2010 5 / 0
Henry Taube and Electron Transfer Bradley Wile, Ohio Northern University Literature Discussion Upper Division 5/6/2009 5 / 2
House: Inorganic Chemistry Adam R. Johnson, Harvey Mudd College Textbook Second year 1/12/2009 2 / 0
LiClO4 in PC electrolyte stability? Maggie Geselbracht, Reed College Forum topic 8/1/2008 0 / 0
Housecroft and Sharpe: Inorganic Chemistry, 3ed Lori Watson, Earlham College Textbook Upper Division 3/26/2008 0 / 0