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ACS in the mile high city Chip Nataro, Lafayette College Blog entry 9/29/2014
ACS Inorganic Exam Sibrina Collins, The Charles H. Wright of Museum of African American History Forum topic 12/15/2010
ACS International REU program? Joe Fritsch, Pepperdine University Forum topic 12/4/2009
ACS Meeting Content- Slides and Audio Margaret Scheuermann, - Web Resources and Apps Upper Division 5/15/2010
ACS San Diego Part 2 Joanne Stewart, Hope College Blog entry 10/9/2015
acutler Ann R. Cutler, University of Indianapolis 3/3/2009
adam Adam R. Johnson, Harvey Mudd College 3/3/2009
Adjunct Professor in Chemistry, US Naval Academy Shirley Lin, United States Naval Academy Forum topic 11/24/2015
Adjunct teaching opportunity Sabrina G. Sobel, Hofstra University Forum topic 7/1/2013
Adjuncts Kyle Grice, DePaul University Forum topic 11/23/2015
admin Site Administrator, VIPEr 3/3/2009
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Course Videos Kathryn Haas, Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, IN Web Resources and Apps Second year, Upper Division 7/1/2015
Advances in Inorganic Teaching Symposium - ACS Salt Lake City Keith Walters, Northern Kentucky University Forum topic 9/12/2008
Advice on teaching (and grading) lab report writing Julia Metzker, Georgia College Forum topic 11/25/2008
afernandezphd Anthony L. Fernandez, Merrimack College 3/3/2009
Affilmivy Anonymous 6/8/2011
aflood Amar Flood, Indiana Univeristy Bloomington 3/25/2011
AFM experiment? Joanne Stewart, Hope College Forum topic 3/4/2010
Agaptud Anonymous 8/25/2011
ahalim Mohammad Halim, Memorial University 10/19/2010