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Anyone with experience (good or bad) with Smartwork homework system? Hilary Eppley, DePauw University Forum topic 5/28/2015
Application of binomial distribution to interpret 31P NMR for aqueous solution of alpha-dodecatungstophosphoric acid, H3[PW12O40] Mariusz Kozik, Canisius College In-Class Activity Upper Division 7/14/2014
Application of MO Diagrams (and sp mixing) with Photoelectron Spectroscopy Abigail Hobbs Shelton, University of TN at Martin In-Class Activity Second year 7/15/2014
Application of Organometallic Chemistry – Breaking the Inert C-H Bond John Lee, University of Tennessee Chattanooga In-Class Activity Upper Division 7/16/2012
approver , 3/3/2009
arangasteiz Anonymous 10/5/2009
Aratia_iovanua1989 Aratia iovanua, Leeds Univerisity 3/3/2009
arbuckle Georgia Arbuckle-Keil, Rutgers University 8/21/2011
Arc10.0 Archith Mohan, iit madras 2/11/2010
Are you a new user of VIPEr? Be sure to register for the most benefit! Hilary Eppley, DePauw University Forum topic 7/16/2009
Are your students participating in the upcoming Symmetry Challenge? Hilary Eppley, DePauw University 2/19/2009
areroremCit Anonymous 7/29/2011
argutiver Angel Gutiérrez, Universidad de Los Andes 9/17/2009
armstwi William H. Armstrong, Boston College 5/26/2009
arnyaska Arnyek, University of Sarganak 1/22/2011
Arrow Pushing in Inorganic Chemistry Abhik Ghosh, University of Tromsø - The Arctic University of Norway Forum topic 7/22/2014
Art and Inorganic Chemistry Randall Hicks, Wheaton College Forum topic 11/26/2011
artlow Arthur Low, Tarleton State University 8/15/2011
arvindkumar Arvind Kumar, The University of The West Indies 4/30/2011
aryter Anne Ryter, Western State Colorado University 3/3/2009