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[TaCl2(NMe2)3]2 Adam R. Johnson, Harvey Mudd College Forum topic 7/11/2008
[RuH(NO3)(CO)2(PPh3)2]: An analysis of the literature Chip Nataro, Lafayette College In-Class Activity Upper Division 5/16/2013
zw2024 William Doria, University of the Ozarks 3/3/2009
zsx8989 suxia zhu, 15236925814 12/17/2010
Zing Coordination Chemistry Conference Sheila Smith, University of Michigan- Dearborn Forum topic 4/9/2011
Zinc-Zinc Bonds Maggie Geselbracht, Reed College Literature Discussion Upper Division 3/28/2008
Zeolite Synthesis Erica Gunn, Simmons College Lab Experiment First year, Second year 1/6/2015
zehra zehra abbas, uni of khi 9/15/2011
zauchet Tim Zauche, University of Wisconsin - Platteville 10/20/2009
Zamian José Roberto Zamian, Universidade Federal do Pará 3/15/2011
yushusong Yushu Song, Bellevue University 11/12/2010
yunuskb yusuf , student 10/25/2009
YouTube: Valentine Memory Metal Candle Maggie Geselbracht, Reed College Forum topic 2/14/2009
youngs Wiley J. Youngs, University of Akron 1/5/2010
yling ng yen ling, national university of singapore 3/3/2009
yitsjere Anonymous 3/3/2009
ydb2311 Yannick, Stenden Hogeschool 6/22/2011
Y-J Cho Youngjoon Cho, The College of Wooster 3/28/2011
xumuk13 Serega Roush, Chemistry 11/12/2009
xufrank yifan xu, Princeton Univ. 3/3/2009