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Young Investigator Symposium Wesley S. Farrell, United States Naval Academy Blog entry 10/28/2019 0 / 0
Neoteric Views on setting up the teaching goal Weiwei Xie, Louisiana State University Fellows Reflections 10/23/2019 0 / 0
Mechanisms of Mn-catalyzed water oxidation reactions Margaret Scheuermann, Western Washington University In-Class Activity First year, Second year, Upper Division 10/18/2019 2 / 0
Slither into the VIPErPit! Faculty Flo, Slitherin' State University Blog entry 10/16/2019 0 / 0
2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry is Here! Anne Bentley, Lewis & Clark College Blog entry 10/9/2019 0 / 0
2019 Nobel Prize - Li-ion battery LOs Barbara Reisner, James Madison University Collection First year, Second year, Upper Division 10/9/2019 2 / 0
Fourier Transform IR Spectroscopy of Tetrahedral Borate Ions Zachary Tonzetich, University of Texas at San Antonio Lab Experiment Upper Division 10/9/2019 1 / 0
1FLO: Post-Synthetic Modifications for Tunneling Electrical Connection to the Interior of Metal-Organic Frameworks daniel kissel, Lewis University Literature Discussion Second year 10/8/2019 0 / 0
A community of like-minded people yields a rich experience Carmen Gauthier, Florida Southern College Fellows Reflections 10/7/2019 0 / 0
Associate/Full Professor of Chemistry at Florida Gulf Coast University Greg McManus, Florida Gulf Coast University Forum topic 10/2/2019 0 / 0
Call for Abstracts - Advanced Teaching in Inorganic Chemistry Spring ACS Meeting Rebecca M. Jones, George Mason University Blog entry 10/1/2019 0 / 0
How Can Being a VIPEr Fellow Work for Me? Anne Bentley, Lewis & Clark College Fellows Reflections 9/23/2019 0 / 0
'Til the whippoorwill of freedom zapped me right between the eyes Faculty Flo, Slitherin' State University Blog entry 9/19/2019 0 / 0
Rejuvenating My Course (and Myself) Craig M. Davis, Xavier University Fellows Reflections 9/17/2019 0 / 0
(Re)viewing the classroom experience Bradley Wile, Ohio Northern University Fellows Reflections 9/10/2019 0 / 0
Inorganic Chemistry LibreTexts! Kathryn Haas, Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, IN Blog entry 9/9/2019 0 / 0
Feeling cute, might revise my foundational inorganic course later… IDK Steven Girard, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Fellows Reflections 9/4/2019 0 / 0
1FLOs across disciplines Chip Nataro, Lafayette College Blog entry 8/31/2019 0 / 0
Assistant Professor position at Duquesne University Emily Sylvester, Duquesne University Forum topic 8/28/2019 0 / 0
A Reflection on VIPEr-izing a Class John Lee, University of Tennessee Chattanooga Fellows Reflections 8/13/2019 0 / 0