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States and symbols - No cheating and looking it up! How many US states have two letter postal abbreviations that are also symbols for elements on the periodic table? Chip Nataro, Lafayette College Poll 10/25/2017 0 / 0
Tenure-track assistant professor of chemistry, US Naval Academy Shirley Lin, United States Naval Academy Forum topic 10/18/2017 0 / 0
Shedding our skin Chip Nataro, Lafayette College Blog entry 10/17/2017 0 / 0
Production Statistics for Top Industrial Chemicals Joseph Keane, Muhlenberg College Forum topic 10/17/2017 0 / 0
It's Nobel Prize time of year again. Here are some of the 'favorites', who do you think will win? Chip Nataro, Lafayette College Poll 9/29/2017 0 / 0
Riding on the City of New Orleans Flo, Slytherin' State Blog entry 9/26/2017 0 / 0
One Book, Many Conversations Shirley Lin, United States Naval Academy Forum topic 9/18/2017 0 / 0
Laying the Foundation Sheila Smith, University of Michigan- Dearborn Blog entry 9/18/2017 0 / 0
Does anyone know what has happened to the website? Janet Schrenk, University of Massachusetts Lowell Forum topic 9/11/2017 0 / 0
Inclusive Pedagogy: A Misidentified Molecule and Paper Retraction Sibrina Nichelle Collins, Lawrence Technological University In-Class Activity Upper Division 9/10/2017 5 / 0
How do you pronounce Job as in Job's Method? Flo, Slytherin' State Poll 9/7/2017 0 / 0
The Name Game Chip Nataro, Lafayette College Blog entry 9/1/2017 0 / 0
Periodic Table files, docs, pics Shaun E. Schmidt, Washburn University Forum topic 8/30/2017 0 / 0
Assistant/Associate Professor of Chemistry at Smith College Elizabeth Jamieson, Smith College Forum topic 8/27/2017 0 / 0
How are you going to use VIPEr this year? Chip Nataro, Lafayette College Poll 8/24/2017 0 / 0
2017 IONiC Workshop on VIPEr and Literature Discussions: New learning objects for the new school year! Hilary Eppley, DePauw University Blog entry 8/22/2017 0 / 0
Tenure Track Position in Inorganic Chemistry at Amherst College David E. Hansen, Amherst College Forum topic 8/22/2017 0 / 0
Aquation of the trans-tetraamminedichlorocobalt(III) ion lab Sheri Lense, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Forum topic 8/15/2017 0 / 0
Papers for Pedagogy Chip Nataro, Lafayette College Blog entry 8/15/2017 0 / 0
Chapter 21--Stanley Organometallics George G. Stanley, Louisiana State University Five Slides About Upper Division 8/14/2017 0 / 0