Texts for bioinorganic portion of first-semester inorganic chemistry

We previously had only one semester of inorganic chemistry, and now we are adding a "foundational" course to conform to ACS guidelines.  Because some of the descriptive chemistry of the elements is covered in general chemistry (and frankly can often be quite boring for students) we decided to replace that material with bioinorganic applications in our foundational course, in the hope that both chemistry majors and bio majors/chem minors will enjoy it.


Shriver & Atkins 5th- a few beefs

Hi All-


My first post- how exciting!  Was wondering if anyone else feels the way I do about S&A 5th (or 4th, for that matter).  I just got through the first three chapters after switching from M&T. I am struggling to decide whether I regret this or not.

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