Virtual Inorganic Pedagogical Electronic Resource

7 Jun 2019

Summer workshop, had me a blast... Summer workshop, went by too fast...

Submitted by Anthony L. Fernandez, Merrimack College

Betsy and I are feeling chills (they’re multiplying and we’re losing control) that come along with the close of our summer 2019 content-building workshop at Smith College. We are amazed at how quickly the last few days passed. (It was like greased lightnin'!)

Tell me more, tell me more… (Channel Olivia Newton-John as you say this.)

22 May 2019

Intro to VIPEr Workshop at MARM!

Submitted by Katherine Nicole Crowder, University of Mary Washington

If you were wishing and hoping to get to the VIPEr workshop at the GLRM earlier this month but just couldn't swing the travel, you have another opportunity coming up this Friday at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting in beautiful Baltimore!

The workshop will be run by Kate Plass and myself on Friday, May 31st, from 9-noon. Although registration for MARM has closed, if you are planning to attend the meeting, there is still room in the workshop, and we would love to have you!