Virtual Inorganic Pedagogical Electronic Resource

25 Aug 2015

A community driven LO

Submitted by Chip Nataro, Lafayette College

If you are an avid reader of BITeS you read the posts by Shirley Lin and Kari Young earlier this summer. If you haven’t, I encourage you to do so. Those posts are about members of the VIPEr community spreading the message of VIPEr. Community is going to be a very important theme in the BITeS posts this fall.

19 Aug 2015

ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Award for Undergraduate Research

Submitted by Stephanie L. Brock, Wayne State University
Nominations are requested to recognize the collaborative research of an outstanding undergraduate student/preceptor (advisor) team in the field of inorganic chemistry, as broadly defined. The deadline is September 15th!
27 Jul 2015

T and R Class

Submitted by Chip Nataro, Lafayette College


For the first time in quite a few years I will be teaching general chemistry in two 75 minute meetings (Tuesday and Thursday) as opposed to the 'normal' three 50 minute meetings (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). From what I remember, I don’t like the Tuesday-Thursday classes. They are long and it is difficult to keep my attention that long let alone the students. Another negative is that it also means that I have to switch from my normal 4 exams + a final to 3 exams + a final. Wait a second, that means less grading for me…perhaps that is a positive and not a negative.

7 Jul 2015

Third Annual NSF-TUES-Funded Workshop Wraps Up

Submitted by Anne Bentley, Lewis & Clark College

With a mix of emotions, 21 participants, 7 leaders, and one indispensable snack fairy parted ways on Friday at the conclusion of VIPEr’s “Hetero-genius Catalysis at the Frontiers of Inorganic Chemistry” workshop at the University of Washington in Seattle.