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The NSF funded 2022 VIPEr workshop for inorganic chemistry faculty will focus on the use of the VIPEr website as a teaching resource and engagement with the Interactive Online Network of Inorganic Chemists (IONiC) community. Participants will create and contribute new literature discussion materials to the website based on the work of Professor Vince LaVallo from UC Riverside. The workshop is scheduled to start with late afternoon on Sunday, June 26 and will conclude at noon on Wednesday, June 29. Preference will be given to those who have not previously attended a VIPEr workshop and/or new faculty members.  

The current plan is for the workshop to be held in person, with vaccine and indoor masking requirements. Los Angeles in June is actually quite pleasant, so we will try to hold some activities outdoors!

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact:

Hilary Eppley, DePauw University (heppley@depauw.edu)

Nancy Williams, Keck Science Department, Claremont Colleges (nwilliams@kecksci.claremont.edu)

Chantal Stieber, Cal Poly Pomona (sestieber@cpp.edu)

Kari Stone, Lewis University (kstone1@lewisu.edu)


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LOs published from this workshop

LO Type Author(s)

Analyzing the Proposed Reaction Profile in “Changing the Charge: Electrostatic Effects in Pd-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling”

Literature Discussion

Megan Lazorski, Briana Aguila, Joya Cooley, Matthew Bork, S Hurst, Chantal Stieber

1FLO: Electron Counting and Electrostatic Effects in Palladium Carborane Complexes

Problem Set

Joya Cooley, S Hurst, Megan Lazorski, Briana Aguila, Matthew Bork, Chantal Stieber

Introduction to Borane and Carborane Clusters: Practice with Point Groups, Electron Counting, and Electronegativity with Computational Support

In-Class Activity

Kathy Van Heuvelen, Nerissa Lewis, Ryan Cammarota, Prashanth Poddutoori, Mike Xue

Literature Discussion of Perhalogenated Carba‐closo‐dodecaborate Anions as Ligand Substituents: Applications in Gold Catalysis

Literature Discussion

Emma Downs, Jennifer Young, Megan Mohadjer Beromi, Laina Geary, Sergio Lovera

1FLO: Perhalogenated Carba-closo-dodecaborate Anions as Ligand Substituents: Applications in Gold Catalysis

Literature Discussion

Megan Mohadjer Beromi, Emma Downs, Jennifer Young, Laina Geary, Sergio Lovera

The role of organometallic chemistry in Mg metal batteries Problem Set

David Schilter, Michael Drummond, Wynn Huyun, Stephen Proctor, Brittnee Veldman

LOs submitted by Individuals at the Workshop    

The Potential and Cost of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Five Slides About Michael Drummond

Exploring a non-traditional path in STEM: Dr. Vincent LaVallo

Five Slides About Sergio Lovera, Stephen Procter
Nuclear and Radiochemistry Syllabus Stephanie Hurst
Introductory Inorganic Chemistry Syllabus Nerissa Lewis
Relating Ligand Field Theory to Nickel Complex Color In-Class Activity Joya Cooley
Organometallic Chemistry Syllabus Laina Geary
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Syllabus Matthew Bork