Working group descriptions

Team Admin

Description: Maintain the VIPEr website by having one member responsible for checking the site each day. Daily administrators look for new faculty users to approve, remove any spam content, approve any new syllabus LOs, and promote LOs/forums on the site. Team Admin also works in concert with other teams as things come up (such as Team Bug for website editing or spam issues). Team Admin encourages the development, submission, and approval of new LO’s by hosting LO-writing parties.

Current members: Anne Bentley, Nicole Crowder, Anthony Fernandez, Kyle Grice, Chip Nataro, Shaun Schmidt, Sarah Shaner, Paul Smith

Team LO Approval

Description: Coordinate reviewers and determine their areas of expertise. Assign newly submitted LOs to reviewers for review. Anyone interested  to be added to a list of potential reviewers should fill out this Google Form, which will submit information to the leader(s) of this Team.

Coordinators: Anthony Fernandez and Todsapon Thananatthanachon

Reviewers: Megan Mohadjer Beromi, John Miecznikowski, Joyce Pham, Paul Smith, Brad Wile, Matt Whited, along with LC and Team Admin Members

Team Bug

Description: Coordinate with the external web developer, the leadership council, and users to maintain the VIPEr website and develop additional functionality as needed. Facilitate sending newsletters on website features and other community activities to faculty users. Serve as a resource for website metrics, file archiving, and conversations about other educational technologies.

Current members: Hilary Eppley, Betsy Jamieson, Kari Stone, Lori Watson

Team Summer Content Workshop

Description: Organize, host, and present at summer content workshops. Includes recruiting participants and the expert speaker.

Current members: Nicole Crowder, Hilary Eppley, Chip Nataro, Robin Macaluso, Nancy Williams

Team Outreach

Description: Support the growth and diversity of IONiC VIPEr through the engagement of new members and increased visibility of our content and community. We are especially interested in recruiting graduate students, postdocs, and new, pre-tenure faculty.

Current members: Hilary Eppley, Shirley Lin, Robin Macaluso, Tod Thananatthanachon

Team Research

Description: Set the direction of the current IUSE research project, collect and analyze research data, develop and implement the biennial user survey, lead other research and paper writing projects. [Note: Membership is partly dictated by current grant requirements and is currently set. As we move to the next proposal, the role of Team Research and its membership will change]

Current members: Anne Bentley, Shirley Lin, Justin Pratt, Jeff Raker, Barb Reisner, Sheila Smith, Joanne Stewart

Team SLiThEr

Description: SLiThErs are hosted events discussing a topic of interest to the general community. These occur via Zoom and run approximately twice per month. Team members choose presenters for SLiThEr events, host and record the events and post them on our YouTube channel. Members help advertise the upcoming events via BiTeS posts and social media.

Current members: Matt CranswickKyle GriceTaylor HayesChip NataroMeghan PorterSarah ShanerKari Stone

Team Community:

Description: Team members are responsible for the moderation and management of the VIPEr Discord, work with IONiC VIPEr’s social media presence on Twitter and Facebook, and work on the annual Spring ACS symposium. The latter includes making sure the symposium is submitted on time, accepting or denying/rerouting abstracts using the MAPS system, communicating with program chairs, identifying and booking social venue, identifying session chairs and poster presenters, and disbursing DIC funds to invited speakers.

Current Members: Kyle Grice, Chip Nataro, Jeff Raker, Lori Watson, Nancy Williams

Team Next Grant

Description: Members are responsible for planning the future research directions of the group, including planning, writing, and submitting future grant submission(s) to fund IONiC activities.

Current members: Anne Bentley, Nicole Crowder, Hilary Eppley, Anthony Fernandez, Kyle Grice, Shirley Lin, Chip Nataro, Justin Pratt, Jeff Raker, Kari Stone, Lori Watson