The 2021 Summer Content Workshop will be held at the University of Texas - Arlington, August 2-5.The workshop is going to be in-person and is filled (although cancellations could happen). The workshop will focus on developing Learning Objects, in particular Literature Discussions, based on the research of Professor Robin Macaluso. Topics will include picking papers for Literature Discussions, teaching with Literature Discussions, modifying Literature Discussions and authoring Literature Discussions. 

If you have questions, contact Nicole Crowder (, Hilary Eppley ( or Chip Nataro (

LOs published from this workshop

LO Type Author(s)
Review of general chemistry concepts using sulfide derived compounds Problem Set

Paul Smith, Melissa Orr, Ellen Steinmiller, Abdul Mohammed, Kayla Green

Dissecting crystallographic data to obtain chemical information such as compositions, molecular fragments, site occupancies and apply periodic trends

In-class activity

Jonathan Dannatt, Katheryn Cruz, Kulatheepan Thanabalasingam, Joyce Pham, Mitch Anstey

Reaction identification, Lewis structures, and VSEPR of explosive compounds In-class activity

Olivia Gunther, Kayla Green, Jonathan Dannatt, Abdul Mohammed

Lanthanum gallium bismuthide - Updated and expanded Literature discussion

Joanne Aguila, Melissa Orr, Joyce Pham, Kulatheepan Thanabalasingam, Dani Arias-Rotondo, Mitch Anstey, Jam Scheifers

1FLO: Comparing the band diagrams of rare earth chalcogenide semiconductors Ca(La1-xCex)2S4 Problem Set

Jan Scheifers, Joanne Aguila, Amy Chu, Olivia Gunther, Dani Arias-Rotondo



LOs submitted by Individuals at the Workshop    
An editable review Jeopardy game via a Macro Powerpoint In-class activity Paul Smith
Inorganic chemistry Syllabus Abdul Mohammed
Inorganic and organometallic chemistry with laboratory Syllabus Amy Chu
Inorganic chemistry Syllabus Dani Arias-Rotondo
Introduction to inorganic chemistry Syllabus Mitch Anstey
Advanced inorganic chemistry Syllabus Paul Smith
Inorganic chemistry Syllabus Joanne Aguila