Help for Contributors

Please contribute to VIPEr! The resource will only be as valuable as your submissions make it. For step by step instructions, go to our Step-by-step page.

Is it hard to submit content?  Can I get help?
It's easy, and we'd be delighted to help. Questions? email

What should I submit?
You can start by commenting on existing content and participating in the discussion forums.

We strongly encourage you to submit
any practices, materials, and resources that you find useful in teaching inorganic chemistry. Small chunks of content are extremely valuable—they are easy share, and easy to use. Examples include a literature discussion exercise, a demonstration, a lab experiment, or commentary on a textbook or other resource.

How polished should my submissions be?
VIPEr works best if we keep the activation energy low and the exchanges vibrant.  We encourage constructive discussion about all the content on VIPEr, using the comment feature on each object as well as the discussion forums.  So it's more important to share your content as-is (and get community help improving it) than it is to make it perfectly polished.

How do I submit?
It's easy!  Details vary depending on the object type, but in general you need to give the submission a name, provide a bit of information about how you use it, and then provide details either by entering text, attaching documents, or both.

Detailed, step-by-step instructions for submitting can be found here.

VIPEr is your site! If you have suggestions or questions about submitting, email