10 Jan 2018

100 papers

Submitted by Kyle Grice, DePaul University

Hello BITeS readers,

I recently saw a paper in Nature Ecology and Evolution that was titled “100 Papers that Every Ecologist Should Read”. This got me thinking… what if such a list existed for chemists? What 100 papers would be on the list? As we all know, chemistry is a very broad area with many sub-disciplines… what deserves to be something that everyone should read? Rather than try to come up with the papers myself, I turned to twitter to ask chemistry tweeps what they thought. I created a form for people to enter the papers and made a call for submissions. Here’s the post with the call for papers:

Here’s where you, dear reader, can help. I am still in the process of collecting entries, so please let me know what you think should be on the list! Once the list gets long enough, I will sort through it, clean up the citations and other info, remove duplicates, and tabulate the results. For a draft of the results as of January 1, see here:

I have no idea how the list will turn out and I am really curious to see the types of papers that people suggest. Will one field dominate? Will there be a diversity of types of studies? Why do people think each paper deserves to be on the list? We will find out!


Hi All,

I am also looking for someone to help me read over the submissions and decide what gets included and how to sort them Let me know if you are interested!