6 May 2019

The 1FLO Community Challenge

Submitted by Faculty Flo, Slitherin' State University

The end of the semester is here! For those of you on trimesters or quarters, well, I'm sorry. With the end of classes you may have a moment to catch your breath and post something to VIPEr like you said you would all semester. And what better way to encourage that then a community challenge! I am issuing the 1FLO challenge, come up with the ideal vacation spot for me this summer. Price is no object since Joanne gave me the info for the credit card attached to the grant, so dream big...

Chip here. I managed to take control of the keyboard away from Flo. She put up one heck of a fight. Yes, it is time for a community challenge. But the 1FLO is not sending Flo on vacation. It is a new idea that has popped up in a couple of learning objects. It stands for 1 Figure Learning Object (1FLO) and the idea is that you take one figure from a paper and turn it into a learning object. It can be as simple as a single question problem set or it can be more in depth. But it has to be based on a single figure. The first two labeled examples of this are


however there are likely additional examples of this concept on the site that just don't have the 1FLO label. So, we are looking to the community to create more 1FLOs . As part of the challenge, a random winner will be selected to be a co-author of the collection of 1FLOs and receive a special VIPEr prize. The challenge will close at the end of May. Remember, you just need a single figure from a paper and as little as a single question about that figure to be considered for this prize. To make sure your submission is considered start the title with 1FLO as can be seen in our two examples.