Submitted by Anthony L. Fernandez / Merrimack College on Mon, 06/01/2020 - 16:44

We would like to announce our upcoming LO writing party on June 9th, from 9 AM - 6 PM (Eastern), with apologies to the J. Geils Band for borrowing the title. We hope that you can join us on Discord to work on those LOs that you have been waiting to post! Perhaps you have a favorite article that you would like to turn into a literature discussion, a few assignments that you created while you taught your classes remotely, or even a new “lab” that you piloted when you ran your virtual inorganic lab. There are many ways that you can participate!

  • Anne Bentley will be working on a couple of LOs: individually on an article that she read last year, and collaboratively with Brad Wile on an f-block chemistry article.

  • Adam Johnson is working on an LO about crystal field activation energies and kinetics, as well as one about a non-classical carbonyl compound.

  • I (Anthony Fernandez) am working on some bioinorganic assignments that I created as I taught my Bioinorganic Chemistry course this past semester.

If you have nothing in the pipeline, you could also look at the #lo-worthy-papers channel on the Discord for ideas or join in that day and find if someone needs help creating an LO or wants to bounce ideas off someone. If you have something that you want to work on, hang out and take advantage of the supportive online community for inspiration, suggestions, or support. We’ll be there all day!

If you’re going to join us, let us know by adding your name in the comments section below and note what you want to work on, and/or requests for help/collaboration. We look forward to seeing you next week!

Chip Nataro / Lafayette College

Hopefully I don't run into the same problems that caused me to miss the last one. I think I am going to work on a lit discussion based on Dalton Trans., 2020, 49, 6578-6586.

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Anne Bentley / Lewis & Clark College

Chip, I am 100% with you. I also missed the Jan LO party unexpectedly.  :( 

This time, I am super excited to LO-ize a recent paper from Cathy Murphy's and Bob Hamers' research groups about Au/Cu nanoparticles. One of my research students gave a seminar about this article last fall, and I think there is a lot in there to talk about! 

I also think I might be working with Brad Wile and possibly a graduate student on an f-block LO.  I'll need to check in with them about this at the VIPErPit on discord. 

Finally, I have an itty-bitty "LO" that I would like to write up re: encouraging a growth mindset. I used it in general chem for the first time last fall, and I think it was successful.

So I will be busy!  I hope to "see" people "there", by which I mean in the LO development chat channel on VIPErPit.

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Nicole Crowder / University of Mary Washington

I've got my folder of articles labeled "For VIPEr LOs" ready for tomorrow!

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Anne Bentley / Lewis & Clark College

New news, everyone.  We'll have a short Zoom check-in for anyone working on LOs today.  The link is listed on discord, or you can email me to get it.  Scheduled for 2 pm EDT / 11 am PDT.

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