24 Jul 2018

Back by popular demand

Submitted by Chip Nataro, Lafayette College

At the recent Organometallic Chemistry Gordon Research Conference there was a noticible fashion statement being made on Wednesday night. Four people were wearing identical shirts. And just to show how cool the shirts are, a fifth person wore their shirt on Thursday night during a special session. I would give more details, but what happens at a Gordo stays at a Gordo. What was this shirt you might ask? It was our very limited edition 'Organometallica' tee-shirts from our 2016 workshop. Since the original production run we have been asked numerous times if we will ever make these shirts again. Well, that time could be now. We are seriously considering another run of shirts and we want to make them available to the entire IONiC community. We are going to change the color scheme slightly from the first edition as seen in the picture below. This is the ONLY option that will be available. They will be printed on Gildan 50-50 cotton-poly shirts with sizes available from YXS to 5XL. A sizing guide is available here. Price is going to depend on how many shirts we order and shipping. Shipping will be a little complicated as there will be an initial shipping cost for the bulk shipping to me, and then an individual cost for mailing them to you (you can save this second shipping cost if you are willing to wait until the Spring ACS meeting to pick up your shirt). We are not going to be making any profit from this. If you are interested in ordering, send me an e-mail with your shirt size and a maximum you would be willing to pay (don't forget  to figure shipping costs in your estimate). If this order does happen, I will use something like Venmo or Pay Pal to handle all transactions. You have until August 27th to e-mail me and a final decision on placing an order will be made at most two weeks after that date.