Submitted by Sheila Smith / University of Michigan- Dearborn on Wed, 04/12/2017 - 11:16

So... I love to work the Expo at an ACS meeting.  I usually pick up T-shirts and hats for students and indelible ink pens for the lab...Notepads and Magnets and Stickers...OH MY!

And while this year was no exception...replete with all those things... my favorite pickup this year was the Johnson Matthey Fine Chemicals Catalytic Reaction Guide.  This small-ish booklet with sliders recommends catalyts and conditions to accomplish any number of organometallic, organic and biological reactions.  It is also available online ( and as an app.  

Since I immediately envisioned ways to put this to use in my inorganic classroom, inlcuding exams, I emailed Johnson Matthey and asked them for 15 copies, which arrived on Monday. No, you can't have mine, but I warned them that more requests might ensue from this blog post.

You can choose the type of reaction you want to do, and the porducts, and the app gives you suggestions for catalyts and conditions, along with primary references and structures.  

I plan to use this to make exam questions or to do in class activities with students.  

Many thanks to the Johnson Matthey company for being so willing to share,  

I've added a link to the site as a web resource LO:  I hope that if you adopt the resource, you'll share with the community how you are putting it to use.