Submitted by Rebecca M. Jones / George Mason University on Tue, 10/01/2019 - 13:17

The Division of Inorganic Chemistry has provided support for a symposium focused on Advanced Teaching in Inorganic Chemistry at the spring ACS meeting in Philadelphia (March 22-26, 2019). Bringing many voices from diverse institutions will generate a valuable exchange of innovative pedagogic ideas and recognize the incredible creativity involved with our teaching. We welcome submissions from the undergraduate or graduate level, submissions of new lecture/discussion activities, laboratory experiences, or research-based projects. Presentations of new pilot programs or well-developed approaches are also welcome, knowing that discussion of ideas always leads to new and/or better approaches. Please join in the conversation by submitting your abstract at MAPS ( by the October 21 deadline. Look for the symposium title under the INOR division. After submitting, please contact either of us—Rebecca Jones ( and Robert Bachman (—if you are interested in being considered for travel support.