24 Oct 2018

Come to Orlando

Submitted by Flo, Slytherin' State

Your old friend Flo here just giving you a reminder about the great rates you can get from Progressive. 

Wait, what? Sorry wrong Flo.

Ssssssssso I just wanted to remind you that the deadline for the spring ACSssssssss meeting is fast approaching. The deadline for submitting abstracts for DIC symposia is Monday November 5th.  Note that this is a week later than many of the other divisions which have a deadline of Monday October 29th. You can submit your abstract through the ACS system here. We anticipate our oral sessions to be Sunday and Monday and the poster session to be Sunday. The oral sessions are listed as by invitation only but you should feel free to consider this your invitation (you may want to list one of my minions Emily Sylvester ( or Chip Nataro ( as the person that invited you). We will likely limit oral presentations to one per research group. Exceptional undergraduate students are encouraged to submit oral presentations. Emily and Chip are also working out the final details on our Sssssssocial hour. It's going to be a great meeting and I hope to meet and greet many of you there. 


Editor's Note: IONiC and VIPEr in no way support or recommend any particular insurance company. However, we are fans of Flo from Progressive, Florence Nightingale, Florence Henderson, Florence Ballard, Florence Sabin, Florence Kasumba, and Florence, Italy. 


Flo, you missed a big opportunity by mentioning that this meeting is in FLOrida.

No, I am not allowed to do that. It stems from a settlement with Flo Rida over his 2010 album Only One Flo (Part 1).