8 Mar 2018

Encoiling the Big Easy

Submitted by Flo, Slytherin' State

Ahhhhhh, New Orleans. I have such mixed feelings about this city. It's a wonderful place. Great food, exciting atmosphere, bottomless hurricanes, and, more important for our community, it is the site where Adam Johnson pushed the big red button that officially launced VIPEr to the web. Why do I have mixed feelings? It's also the place that Chip Nataro decided that I could be an accessory during his talks. If snakes could shudder, I would. In a little over a week we will be decending on New Orleans for the third time! We have an exciting meeting planned with three awesome oral sessions (Sunday AM, Sunday PM and Monday PM). In addition to the lab research talks, Joanne Stewart and Barb Reisner will be giving a talk on the future of VIPEr at 10:55 AM on Sunday in room 211. There is a discussion period after this talk so you will have a golden opportunity to offer your input into our 'Grand Experiment'. In addition to the session, we will be hosting our famous social hour Monday. We've gone a little more upscale than some of our recent locations, but no matter the spot what matters is the people. I am sure we will get a great turnout, and you can get all of the details in the flyer below. Please join us for some great food (on us), some great beverages (on you) and some great conversation (on the great IONiC community). See you in New Orleans!