Submitted by Chip Nataro / Lafayette College on Wed, 02/20/2019 - 07:41

I know this goes against my earlier BITeS saying we would use BITeS less for just making announcement, but I think in this case I can make an exception. If you have been looking to submit a poster for our Undergraduate Research at the Frontiers of Inorganic Chemistry session in San Diego you may have noticed that there wasn't a poster session listed. You should consider this your invitation to submit a poster or talk. My deepest thanks to Chantal Stieber for pointing out the missing poster session. Just so you know, that issue has been corrected and our poster session is now listed and you can submit your abstract(s). Second, as of the writing of this BITeS, there are a couple of errors with the people listed as organizers for these sessions. I am pleased to be working with fellow leadership council member Nancy Williams to organize our first ever fall session. Nancy is going to do a great job overcoming having to work with me. While I know Stephanie Poland (it is slightly misspelled on the ACS site) would do a great job, her time to co-organize one of these sessions has not yet come. But it will, in the spring of 2020 in Philadelphia. Rumor has it she will either belt out Elton John's classic Philadelphia Freedom at our social hour or run up the Rocky steps, but details remain a bit unclear at this time. The deadline for submissions for the Fall 2019 meeting is March 25th, and you can submit here.  

Chip Nataro / Lafayette College

Update: A change has been made so that our sessions are now actually called "Undergraduate Research at the Frontiers of Inorganic Chemistry" and Nancy Williams is now a co-organizer. The bad news is that Spehanie Poland is still an organizer. I guess Mr. Loaf was right when he said "2 out of 3 ain't bad".

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