9 Dec 2016

How do you keep busy during final exams?

Submitted by Anne Bentley, Lewis & Clark College

As December rolls along, many VIPEr users will find themselves in charge of proctoring final exams, a task that requires maintaining a balance between vigilance, getting work done, and staying awake.  Exams can last up to three hours (someone always uses the entire time) or more. Does anyone have exams set for more than three hours?

To get started, here are a few suggestions for how to survive final exams:

  • Use the time to reflect on the past semester, jot down notes about what went well and what didn’t, and generally prepare yourself for the next time you teach the course
  • Grade final exams and/or assignments from other courses
  • Watch the exam-taking students like a hawk, in case they might be cheating
  • Answer questions from exam-taking students
  • Walk laps around the room to prevent blood clots (and to discourage cheating)
  • Catch up on reading the literature and/or C&E News
  • Take a VIPEr poll, or generally prowl VIPEr for ideas
  • Complete online holiday gift shopping
  • Stare at the wall
  • Take a nap
  • Roam facebook
  • Tweet
  • Watch viral youtube videos
  • Try not to think about being hungry or needing to use the bathroom

Please feel free to share additional ideas in the comments. No matter how you choose to pass the time during your final exams, VIPEr would like to wish you all the best for 2017!


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