21 Mar 2019

IONiC Community Gathering

Submitted by Chip Nataro, Lafayette College

Greetings all. I just returned from Florida where I had a critical planning session with Jeff Raker, fellow member of the Leadership Council, and his new postdoc, Justin Pratt. This essential part of the trip involved dimpled sphere flight experiments as well as the physics of seamed leather orbs being struck by wooden rods. Then I met Jeff and Justin for dinner. As we talked we realized it was essential that we introduce Justin, the first official IONiC postdoc, to the community. Our first opportunity to do this will be at the social hour held as part of the spring ACS meeting.

It is hard to believe, but I’ll be heading back to Florida in about a week for this meeting. Emily Sylvester and I have a great session planned and we really hope to see a turnout even better than last year at New Orleans. We have talks scheduled for Sunday AM, Sunday PM and Monday PM and the poster session Sunday night.

The social hour, and your chance to meet Justin, will be Monday. It will be held at Main Event Entertainment from 5-7 pm on Monday. The address is 9101 International Dr Suite 1032 and you can see a map below. According to Google it is a 0.7 mile walk (0.5 miles if you walk down International Drive but I don’t think that is a good idea) from the Convention Center. Based on the ACS shuttle routes, it looks like you could take Route 2 (Red) and get reasonably close. As in the past, IONiC will be buying food during the social hour. Last year’s social was amazing and we hope this year will be even better. So please, come join the community for a great time to get together and talk about inorganic chemistry and your chance to meet Justin. You’ll be able to identify him because Flo will be VERY close to him throughout the social hour. Feel free to ask him what he has learned so far from his interactions with the highly intellectual and professional group that is the Leadership Council of IONiC. I look forward to seeing many of you in Orlando!

Don’t forget, there is still time to register for our Fall sessions in San Diego.



Can't wait for the VIPEr social event. Looking forward to meeting Justin in person and connecting with Friends of VIPEr, new and old!