29 May 2015

Know an outstanding undergrad?

Submitted by Barbara Reisner, James Madison University

The semester may be over for many of us, but it's never too late to recognize our outstanding undergraduates who make research possible or excel in the classroom and lab. The Division of Inorganic Chemistry has two ways to recognize outstanding undergraduates in inorganic chemistry. 

The ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry, recognizes achievement of undergraduate students in inorganic chemistry. Every ACS Certified Department can give ONE student this award.  If you haven't already done so, nominate a student from your institution by June 30 at Over 200 students have already been nominated. 

The DIC established the ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Award for Undergraduate Research to recognize the collaborative research of an outstanding undergraduate student/preceptor team in the field of inorganic chemistry. If you know of an outstanding research team, please nominate them for this competitive award. If you are part of this outstanding research team, have a department head or colleague nominate you. Three awards will be given - one from a PUI, one from a research-intensive university, and one from a National Lab or Industry. Nominations are due on September 15



VIPEr has been updated so that there is now a page where you can find out which students have recieved the award (2009-2015).