17 Oct 2017

Shedding our skin

Submitted by Chip Nataro, Lafayette College

Every snake sheds its skin at some point and we here at VIPEr are no different. While we are thrilled about our latest NSF grant and excited to continue to grow this community, the leadership council also recognizes that the winds of change are blowing. By the end of this grant we hope to see some changes in the composition of the leadership council that will bring in people with great new ideas. We want to get a start on that process now by inviting members of the community to become more active in the day to day maintainance of the VIPEr website. We are looking for a diverse (this means many things but in our case will also include inorganic sub-discipline) eager participants willing to committ an hour a week to keeping VIPEr the great resource it is for our community. In addition, there will be an online meeting approximately once per month to review how things are going. We anticipate this starting for the spring semester with an online meeting to review our training documents. If you have any questions or if you are interested in being considered for this role, please contact me.

One final reminder, abstracts for the spring ACS meeting are due Monday, October 23rd. Everyone in the community is formally invited to submit talks and/or posters.