Submitted by Faculty Flo / Slitherin' State University on Wed, 10/16/2019 - 10:45

IONiC now has a chat space to support more informal, community-building, project implementation communication! 


Click here to join the VIPErPit:


Features of the VIPErPit:

  • A “Community Chat” (#comm_chat) with lively discussions about what’s going on in our classrooms, what we should or should not be teaching, and fun GIFs/emojis to brighten our day!

  •  A place to ask for LO ideas, post a new favorite LO, or be inspired by others’ LOs (#looking4los)!

  • Announcement notifications on upcoming workshops, conference talks and symposia, and social gatherings!

  • Information about how to be in the next VIPEr Fellow Cohort and a space to ask current Fellows about their experience!

  • An opportunity to see who in the community is online to send a quick message to asking about IONiC and VIPEr!


Myself (“Flo VIPEr”) and my pal “Dude VIPEr” are around the VIPErPit to make sure that this new feature of our community helps us fulfill our mission to improve inorganic chemistry education! You might even find custom IONiC and VIPEr emojis in the VIPErPit!!!


To join, you will need to create an account with Discord using the link above; you do not need to use your University email. When you have joined the “VIPErPit” server, you will be asked to do two things: First, change your nickname to your name and institution (a “how to” and an example are provided in the VIPErPit). And, second, post an introduction of yourself in the VIPErPit; again, a “how to” and an example are provided in the VIPErPit.


IONiC is looking forward to seeing you in the VIPErPit soon!

Joanne Stewart / Hope College

Yes, please join us! As one of the older pitVIPErs, my students are shocked and amazed that I'm on Discord. It's kinda like Skype, but more flexible. I just leave it open in my Dock and check it every couple of days. Can't wait to see you all there!

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Justin Pratt / University of Rhode Island

I'm enjoying all the lovely conversations we're having! Right now, there's a lively discussion of Atoms-frist curricula for general chemistry and how other schools have implemented it and/or chosen to use it. Looking forward to more conversations in the pit! 

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