13 Jun 2018

Teaching an old dog a new trick

Submitted by Adam R. Johnson, Harvey Mudd College

About a year ago, my good friend Sheila Smith told me that using UV arm sleeves while working in a glovebox would help with several things. The first is sweat protection. Anyone who has ever used a glove box (or ever wrapped their arms in saran wrap and gone for a run) can attest that sweat can be real problem... for the next user especially. The other is ease of sliding in and out of the glove box gloves.

Well, as a card-carrying (well, at least shirt-wearing) organometallic chemist I doubted what value any advice that a bioinorganic chemist could provide me this late in my life, but I did go ahead and order a 6-pack of arm sleeves last summer.

Today I set up a reaction in my glove box and decided to try them out and I can assure you that they work well! It was a lot easier to slide in and out of the the gloves, and while I still sweat, the sleeves absorbed most of it allowing for easier cleanup at the end. I'm sold. Thanks Sheila!