1 Mar 2020

Updated - Upcoming ACS events

Submitted by Faculty Flo, Slitherin' State University

Just a reminder that some big IONiC VIPEr events are coming up in the next month or so.

The Philly ACS has been cancelled. We are looking into alternative options for doing virtual presentations.

Second, submissions are open for the fall ACS meeting in San Francisco. We are hosting our second fall IONiC VIPEr symposium. Our first this past fall was excellent, but the overall numbers were lower than we had hope. I'd like to think it was do to the timing of the meeting. For us to continue these fall symposia we are going to need to see great numbers this fall. Please consider submitting for either an oral presenation or a poster.



ACS Philly has been cancelled as has our social hour. We are seeking alternative options for virtual presentations.