Submitted by Flo / Slytherin' State on Fri, 01/31/2014 - 13:52

Greetingssssss everyone. Flo here. Welcome to a new feature of VIPEr -- VIPEr BITeS (Blogging Inorganic Teaching & Scholarship). VIPEr BITeS will be a venue for longer posts on a broad spectrum of topics. Topics will include stories of teaching with LOs, comments on recent papers in the literature, heads-up about upcoming conferences/workshops, announcements of new features on the VIPEr site, descriptions of creative teaching strategies and everything in between. The blog will also be posted to a variety of other outlets as I begin my quest to become the queen of all inorganic social media. The IONiC leadership council as well as other members of the VIPEr community will contribute on a regular basis. I will even post occasionally, but it is quite challenging when you have to type with your tail. Although VIPEr BITeS, will have regular contributors, we certainly welcome guest posts. If you have an idea for a post, please get in touch with my minion, Chip Nataro ( It is our hope that you will enjoy this new feature of the site. VIPEr BITeS is not intended to replace the forums, so please continue to use them for all of the fascinating discussions that take place there. I know I have been following the “flipping the classroom” threads closely. Good luck in the Sssssspring Ssssssemester. Slitheringly yours - Flo.