The ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry has created this award to recognize achievement by undergraduate students in inorganic chemistry and to encourage further study in the field. Each ACS Certified Department will be eligible to nominate one student for this award. The student nominee should have future plans that include a career in chemistry. The student nominee will have demonstrated excellence in inorganic chemistry at the undergraduate level based on any combination of research, coursework, or motivation / interest / dedication as defined by their nominating institution.

The undergraduate student that you have nominated will receive an email from the Division that includes a letter of commendation from the Division Chair. The awardee’s name and nominating institution will be posted on a list that will be available on VIPEr and the ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry website.

Nominations for the 2024 award should be submitted here. Nominations will be accepted through June 30, 2024. Please complete all required fields.

A partial list of 2024 recipients of the award can be found here. A list of all past awardees can be found here.