Submitted by Weiwei Xie / Louisiana State University on Wed, 10/23/2019 - 13:54
Reflection Piece 1

I had been teaching Advanced Inorganic Chemistry for three years before the workshop. I was struggling with various students' backgrounds: some are undergraduate students, some are graduate students; some graduate students already learned advanced inorganic chemistry when they were undergraduate students; some had not. It seemed impossible to set up concordant goals for the class. 

After I attended the first workshop, I understood the meaning of education more deeply. If we set up the goal of how much students should learn in the class, it is hard to make everything meet the same requirements. However, if our goal is to train students' abilities in learning (like analyzing problems, finding references, filtering the useful information, critically thinking), that's a completely different story.

In addition to the spirits of education, I also learned a lot of detailed teaching methods, including operating small group discussion, literature discussion.

This semester, I am teaching advanced inorganic chemistry, I am applying what I learned in the workshop for my teaching now.

So far so good!!! :)