Submitted by Gary L. Guillet / Georgia Southern University Armstrong Campus on Tue, 09/08/2020 - 10:47

The University of Saint Joseph is hiring an adjunct faculty member to teach a crosslisted grad/undergrad inorganic course in support of their MS degree (  This is a fully online inorganic chemistry course to be run in the Spring 2021 term. 

It is their CHEM 520 - Inorganic Chemistry course with the following description:

Discussion of fundamental concepts of inorganic and coordination chemistry including atomic structure and the periodic table, ionic solids, covalent bonding, molecular structure and geometry, oxidation-reduction chemistry, ligand field theory, and the basics of coordination chemistry.
Prerequisite(s): Two semesters of undergraduate general chemistry and quantitative analysis

Contact Dr. Sarah Zingales with questions or if you are interested in teaching this course.  Her contact info is below.