Submitted by Tim Herzog / Weber State University on Mon, 05/16/2016 - 16:45

I've been trying to get an old glove box working better and came accross a cool new option from Vac atmospheres for O2 removal.  They now sell activated cartridges for a couple hundred bucks each that contain an already active copper catalyst for O2 removal.  For about 2k, you can buy a little blower that the cartridge mounts to and turn any air tight chamber into a glove box.  For me, the economics will work out better than maintaining the specialty gas cylinder required for regeneration. They also sell the same type of thing with mol sieves for H2O, but that's a much easier problem to solve than O2. It's called their Genesis purifier. 

Kyle Grice / DePaul University

Yeah, I talked to them as well. Looks nifty. Might try it out next time I have some money (hahaha).


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Jeremy R. Andreatta / Worcester State University

They're actually pretty great for O2 and H2O removal. I have them in my VAC glovebox. It's nice b/c you don't have to regenerate them yourself. You jus ship them back and order new ones for $250-300 and you get a credit for sending them back. 



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