Submitted by Barbara Reisner / James Madison University on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 15:06
Does anyone have suggestions for a high quality chiller (preferrably one that can be purchased with a limited budget)?  I have an awesome powder diffractometer but it came with a Haskris chiller (closed loop) that's an absolute lemon.  (My experience had always been that Haskris was the gold standard, but based on some things that I've heard and experienced recently, I've revised my opinion.)  In the past year, it's caused the xrd to crash at least half-a-dozen times.  (Okay, two were related to power outages, but that shouldn't kill a chiller.)  We've rebuilt nearly everything in the chiller system but that hasn't seemd to work.  We lost power again this weekend, and the chiller died again.  We're thinking that we should invest in a new chiller at this point and would appreciate any advice that folks might have. 
Joanne Stewart / Hope College

Barb, I did a tour of our lab chillers and found a kind of Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear set. I am not aware of any problems we have had with any of them.

We have bought several VWR Signature Recirculating Chillers (Model 1171MD, -5 degrees C to +40 degrees C) that we use for our rotovaps.

Our physical chemist uses a Neslab RTE-100 Bath/Circulator for his CCD camera. It has a larger temperature range (-30 degrees C to 40 degrees C).

We have inherited a FTS Systems Flexi-Cool Immersion Cooler that goes down to -100 degrees C!! It's not a circulator, but FTS Systems makes circulators.

Like I said, they have all functioned fine as far as I know!

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