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Adam R. Johnson, Harvey Mudd College
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Comments and concerns?

Does anyone have any questions or concerns about the site?  This is the place to put them.

-the leadership council team 

Sarah Stoll, Georgetown University
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I love this site.

 I am proselytizing for writing in chemistry courses, and using Blackboard for peer review.  In Gen Chem, I have students pick a molecule and write a research paper.  In Inorganic Chemistry, students pick the work of some prominent inorganic chemist and write about their research.  What is in common is that students submit their papers to Blackboard 2/3 of the way into class, and asked to review 3 papers.  The papers and reviews are anonymous.  Given the reviews they get, and what they read while reviewing other papers, student can re-write their own paper for a final grade.

Hilary Eppley, DePauw University
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Hi Sarah,

Welcome to VIPEr--you should add your assignment as a learning object (perhaps an in-class assignment--we really need another category!). If you need help submitting, feel free to contact one of the Leadership Council for help!   --Hilary


Keith Walters, Northern Kentucky University
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I utilize writing (and peer review) in my inorganic course as well to review journal articles. I'd be interested to learn more about how you do it!