Submitted by Kate Plass / Franklin & Marshall College on Fri, 05/31/2019 - 05:49

So, I am a few chapters into "Talent is Overrated" focused on the concept of deliberate practice and I am starting to panic. The idea of deliberate practice as I understand it is that no one gets great at a skill without long periods of practice that are designed by an expert to focus on the aspects of the skills the learner specifically needs to work on. I am uncertain that the exam feedback I give, pointing out which problems are incorrect and providing detailed solutions, does not allow students to know exactly how to practice to improve. i think this is likely a particular problem in General Chemistry where more students are struggling with underlying conceptual and study skills in addition to content. Does anybody have feedback techniques more focused on helping students understand how to act in response? Or arguments that this feedback should be sufficient? I would love some ideas.