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Hi All,

I want to mix gases in several ratios for an experiment. In grad school we had a gas mixer to make the 5-10% H2 in N2 regen gas, but I haven't been able to find the model online. 

Does anyone have a gas mixer to measure the flow of two gases, and if so, what's the brand/item info? Any other ideas on how to mix gas flows? This would be with flowing gases, not a static amount of gases. 



Chip Nataro / Lafayette College

Option 1 - Just buy the mixed gas. Most gas companies will sell a mix of H2 in N2.

Option 2 - Do it on the cheap. Soap bubbles in a modified burret. You need a dropper bulb at the bottom to hold the soap solution. Then you need an inflow tube on the side for the gas. Set up tubing so you can have both gasses flow at once or one at a time. Then measure the flow of each gas individually using bubbles to climb up the graduation.

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Kyle Grice / DePaul University

I need mixes of CO2/Ar for electrochemistry in acetonitrile... dunno if those options will work. 

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