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Maggie Geselbracht, Reed College
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How do you pronounce chalcogenide?

Some of our older polls on VIPEr are not listed under the Polls nav bar on the left (an artifact of a change in the poll feature).  In particular, a poll I started awhile back after getting into vehement arguments with fellow pit VIPErs on the correct pronunciation of the name of the Group 16 elements.  This poll has been featured on the front page of VIPEr for awhile and has gathered a fair number of votes (at least as far as our most successful polls go).  I thought it was time for a change, time for a new poll to be featured on the front page.  But, I did not want to lose a visible link to the Chalcogenide poll.  So, here is a link in case you want to register your vote or check back in on the polling results from time to time.


Adam R. Johnson, Harvey Mudd College
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As the vehement arguer, I would still like to say that you are wrong.