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A friend asked me to post this (below) on behalf of West Chester's chemistry department.  -Anne



The Chemistry Department at West Chester University of Pennsylvania has an adjunct opening (part time/full time) for the academic year 2020-2021 to teach the following courses. Due to the possibility of remote learning in the fall semester, the fall courses will likely be taught online. Selected candidates will be expected to give a teaching presentation as part of the interview process.

Fall 2020:  

§  CHE409 Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry

The students will learn the chemical and physical properties of the main group and d-block transition elements, and some of their common or interesting compounds. Some emphasis is placed on learning laboratory syntheses of the compounds and recovery of the pure elements from their natural state.

Spring 2021:

1.      CHE 411. Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

Structure and properties of the elements and inorganic compounds from a theoretical point of view. Atomic structure and the periodic law; molecular structure and bonding, including symmetry and MO theory; structure, bonding, and reactivity of transition-element compounds and main group compounds; acid-base chemistry.

2.      CRL 411. Inorganic Syntheses Lab

A four-hour laboratory course in the synthesis and characterization of inorganic compounds of the main group and the transition elements.

It will be greatly appreciated if you can help spread the word. Interested individuals may contact Dr. Mahrukh Azam or Dr. Melissa Cichowicz at: