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Adam R. Johnson, Harvey Mudd College
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Learning Object Requests??

Post your learning object requests here!  What do you wish someone out there on the internet would create and post to this website??


Barbara Reisner, James Madison University
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I know that there is a forum on what you'd teach in bioinorganic chemistry, but as a solid state / materials person, it's hard for me to figure out what to take away from this.

What I'd love to see are  different approaches that I could consider for incorporating the topic into both a sophomore and senior level course. (And to do this, I'd love to have some pre-built learning objects that I could use with my classes!)

Kurt Birdwhistell, Loyola University New Orleans
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For the moment the only bioinorganic topics that are included in my junior level course is under the topic of Hard Soft Acid base Theory.  I think G.  Wulfsberg does a nice treatment of several bioinorganic type topics in his books either "principles of Descriptive Inorganic chemistry or larger text "Inorganic chemistry".  

One section is entitled "applications of HSAB theory: Toxicologyof the elements and Medicinal Chemistry" 


Hilary Eppley, DePauw University
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Since I teach a general chem/sophomore hybrid type class, I also do the toxicology/HSAB stuff with my lower level students. I have also done hemoglobin at that level when I do crystal field theory to talk about how the structural changes at the iron center and the idea of amino acids acting as ligands. All of those topics seem pretty accessible at that level, and the students (most of whom are biochem or bio or kinesiology majors seem to appreciate the tie in to things that interest them.